The town takes its name from the local indigenous name for the river that runs through its centre. Nullagine was established following the discovery of gold in 1888. Diamonds and gemstones were also mined. Gold prospecting and gem fossicking are very popular attractions for Nullagine. Handy prospecting info can be picked up in the general store.

Nullagine’s red granite hills and majestic paperbark gumtrees create a diverse and unique landscape with a wealth of rock holes, winter wildflowers and wildlife. If you’re adventurous you can search the ancient rocks of Conglomerate Gorge where you will find ancient indigenous art or enjoy the peace and natural beauty of Elle’s Pool, Beatons Creek Gorge, Garden and Daylight Pools. The Nullagine dam is a great swim spot to cool off in the afternoon. There are many swim spots that can be explored towards the end of the wet season after rain replenishes the surroundings. The magestic Running Waters is well worth a stop if you are spending time in the Nullagine area.


Take a four-wheel drive road trip to explore Coppin’s Gap, Doolena Gorge or Carawine Gorge. Karajini National Park is also well worth the trip! Comet gold mine and tourist center is located just outside of Marble Bar and for the more adventurous you could book a Hamersley Mine Tour.

Nullagine town site consists of a municipal park, telecentre, gym, police station, nursing post as well as a public library. Lookout hill is a pleasant stroll from the hotel and offers a panoramic view of the town site and surrounding area.


see & do
  • Amethyst Mine

  • Copper & Gold mines

  • Red Grznite Hills

  • Paperbark gumtrees

  • Winter Wildflowers

  • Local Wildlife

  • Conglomerate Gorge

  • Indigenous art

  • Elle's Pool

  • Garden Pool

  • Running Waters

  • Gold Prospecting

  • Beaton's Creek Gorge

  • Garden Pool

  • Daylight Pool

  • Coppin's Gap

  • Doolena Gorge

  • Carawine Gorge

  • Karijini National Park

  • Comet Gold Mine

  • Tourist Centre - Newman

  • Marble Bar

  • Hamersley Mine Tour